Global Cache: GC-IRE

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Extensor de infrarrojos

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Extiende la capacidad de convertir señales IR a datos digitales, que pueden ser leídos por cualquier Pc o puerto serie RS232. El GC-IRE está diseñado para usarse con varios dispositivos de entrada IR para capturar comandos infrarrojos que pueden grabarse, ejecutarse o usarse para iniciar acciones a través de la red. Por vez primera, un dispositivo IR, como un mando a distancia, puede usarse como

The Global Caché GC-IRE IR Extender extends infrared capability by converting IR signals to digital data, which can then be read from any PC or RS232 serial port. The GC-IRE is designed for use with various IR input devices to capture IR commands that can be recorded, played back, and used to initiate actions across a network. For the first time, an IR device, such as a remote control, can be used as an input device for equipment control throughout the home. For instance, by pressing a button on your bedroom remote you can adjust lighting, set your home’s temperature, and lower shades. The GC-IRE is the first IR extender able to support the full IR frequency spectrum from 30KHz to 500KHz. The GC-IRE is compatible with the following IR receivers and input devices:

  • GC-RG1 is an IR receiver able to capture IR frequencies from 30KHz to 72KHz
  • GC-CXG connects a Xantech IR environment directly to the GC-IRE. An IR output from a Xantech distribution block is used as the GC-IRE input
  • GC-CGX connects a Global Caché IR output (GC-100 or iTach) to a Xantech distribution box IR input


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